Company Overview

Company Overview

"We innovate with experience for valuable customers- Meet Bluewave Chemicals"

Blue Wave Chemicals is a leading Chemicals Manufacturing Company in fiber, textile and leather industries for more than 60 years. Our main motive is to provide the best solutions to the customers rather than just selling the products. Over 60 years of experience with fiber, textile and leather industries, we are engaged in customer’s health, safety, sustainability and constant innovation. Additionally we are expanding in the new market with better solutions and high performance products.

Blue Wave offers products and technical support in all stages of production within the fiber and textile division. Our portfolio includes but not limited to spinning, weaving, pretreatment, dyeing and printing, final finishes to fabric and garments. We consider it is our promise to deliver quality products, solutions and services by follow the standard quality process.

Welcome to Blue Wave

Here we are dealing in best and modern quality of products, such as:
Textile, fiber, leather and denim



Over 3,000 customers: fiber and non-woven producers, textile and yarn mills, tanneries


Over 5,000 products


Present in 13 countries


Around 1.000 employees globally with around 300 engineers and chemists